Ask Celestia
"Hey now who said Ah needed Red apples? Bring me yellow. Bring me green. Ah need em all."

"Awww man, what’re you gonna do with all those apples? Clearly they’re not all for eating, that’d be insane." She tapped her hoof against her mouth thoughtfully. "Tell you what - if you let me know what you’re up to by collecting apples, I’ll get you every damn apple in Canterlot."

"Bring me apples. Ah need apples."

"You got the money? I got the apples. Take a look at these SICK SHADES OF RED. Premium apples, these are."

She slammed one hoof into the other, light filling her eyes. “I’ve got it! The best way to relieve boredom would be to listen to my subject’s whining and anger, then laugh in their faces and tell them to go home!”

She giggled, as she proclaimed to the city that she would be accepting any audience for the rest of the week. “Let’s get these questions and sob-stories rolling, why don’t we? Shoot me a message!”

The princess yawned lazily. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the big city she was sent to, the palace was downright dull. She’d barely been back a day, but she was already looking for some way to make her life just a little more exciting.

The Princess of Equestria, Ruler of the Sun and First Lady of the Morning, sits regally in her throne. After a long hiatus (read:forced vacation) during which her sister took over her duties, she has finally returned to the throne.

She takes a regal sip out of the regal golden chalice containing regal red wine. Regally.

Abruptly, she throws the chalice against a wall. “Send me back to Manehatten! This place bores me to hell!” she whined, although her sister - and, indeed, her whole court - wasn’t around to hear her whining.

Thus began a new day, and a new page in her life.

((Is anyone still in on the pony RP scene around these parts? In the months since I last bothered checking it looks as though most of my RP chums have either quit or become inactive.))

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Someone gimme a list of blogs to follow, undoubtedly 90% of the rp blogs I used to follow are dead


I haven’t touched this blog since June because travels, school and disinterest. Might pick it up again, dunno yet since I have no idea whether anyone I know is still around. Message me a prompt if you want, I need practice.

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